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Speed Safety and Hygiene Kit

Ref. 10160_CTX

Speed Safety and Hygiene Kit

  • PVC basket cover to protect and cover the fruit in the feeder. Fits perfectly over the feeder basket cover on the Speed models.

  • Basket cover. Prevents manual access to the machine’s citrus feeding basket.

  • Pulp Cover Kit. Accessory that closes off the
    front of the pulp sweeper, covering the juice outflow area, thus improving hygiene.

  • Feeder elbow cover. Protective silicone piece that
    prevents manual access to the citrus feeding elbow in the Speed models, providing greater safety and hygiene.

  • Speed display cover. Cover to prevent access to the display in self-service contexts.

  • Zumex Citric Active (Pack 6 botellas). Professional cleaning product specially formulated for cleaning citrus and commercial juicers, which can be used in conjunction with standard disinfectants.

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Reference Nº 10160_CTX