Our juicing solutions have a wide range of accessories with which to configure your equipment to measure.

Buy everything you need to create your own freshly squeezed juice corner. From squeezing kits to process fruit of various calibers to podiums and bottle racks for a self-service area.

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Category: Safety and food hygiene accessories
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  1. Ref. 08613
    Pulp Cover Kit Speed Up / Speed S +plus
    Price from €80.00
  2. Ref. 08831
    L Elbow Feeder Cover Speed
    Price from €100.00
  3. Ref. 10009
    Kit Filter & Disc Multifruit
    Price from €250.00
  4. Ref. 09853
    Zumex Citric Active (Pack 6 Bottles)
    Price from €67.80